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Little Boundaries, Little Promises

You bring me to my knees

You can take your time as you please

You take my breath away

Bring it far inside for my life’s sake

Raise me or raize me

But don’t lead me astray

Help me or leave me

For a Valkyrie’s lazy day

Consign me to your service

Or banish me from your sight

Commend my soul to your soul

Or hang me from your light

Blind me

Bind me

Scorn me

Use me

But don’t pretend

You don’t abuse me

Fight me

Bite me

Covet me

Lose me

But don’t pretend to love me

If you don’t

Art Work Provided by K. M. Mayville

I Published a Book

I don’t know how to feel.
Baby’s gone off to war.
I hope
he dies quick and painless.
mon miroir
He was all I had.
All I was.
All that I am.
Damn this world that made me–
that made me make him!

So, have you seen the newest episodes?
Latest and greatest says she won’t last the season.
Wouldn’t that be kind.
They don’t even need a reason.

If I pay so much
they’ll leave positive reviews.
If I pay so much
they’ll ridicule my AD budget and I’ll still get views.
Either way
I’m paying
for my very own tailored abuse.

I give up.
I’m no good.
He’s dead to me.
I’m no good.

I won’t ever give up.
I am the best there is.
Critics, journals, fans–
It’s just good business.

I give up.
I am no good.
I am going to hole-up inside
and hide.

Another Revenge-Fueled Haircutting

Whose advice did you follow?

‘Cause it ain’t mine.

Whose bad idea did you swallow–

Or are you really out of your mind?!

You’re not taking me down!

Didn’t break my back for your sake.

I didn’t go outta my way to clean ground

To sweep up your mistakes!

You think you know me?

You can’t even see my shadow,


What do you know, Jezebel Above?

What do you know about love?

What do you know, Delilah Above?

What do you think you know about love?

As Far As You Go, I Will Follow

Ties that bind?

Binds that show

Family roots in blood grow.

Taller we get–

We tower so high–

Or spread so like


You need me

Like I just need:

Like food, like water

Like all we breathe.

You hold me tight.

I’ll take that blade.

There aren’t many bad things

I can’t unmake.

I don’t regret

What can’t be undone.

Take me down to

Where the red rivers run.

Blind my eyes.

Hide my soul.

Before your shine

I’m dust and coal.

Ties that bind

Are binds that show.

Violence is forgotten, sown–

The Family that roots in blood

Only grows.

But I Know What I Like

Real talk, Lover.
I know you’re goin’ away.
I could make promises worth keeping,
but shit would just put you to shame.

You’re worth more
than all of my empty swears.
You seem to think–
At least you see–
All my soul is yours to bear.



To only you
I am a painting.
But to me, I’m a too-thick book
who don’t deserve a second look.
A movie with no second screening.

Oh no.

Set aside all my lies.
Set aside all my wayward glances.
Your words hit me in the guts every time…
like you don’t know they are lances.

But you know me.

I’ll Make My Bed and Sleep in it Alone

I’m out on the veranda
Smoking my last cigarette
Watching the smoke curl around the moon
Being “thankful” that we met

Since you’re coming home
The liquor’s going down the sink
Gotta say goodbye to my old friends
Say goodbye to the drink

Life was going great for me
Now I guess I’ll be just fine
Since you talked with Ma and Pa
They tell me you’re so kind

Why do you
Make me feel so blue
Why do I feel so sad
I should be flying to the moon
‘Cause someone actually came back

Sunday will come, Sunday class
You’ll twirl me around like a ball
I’ll smile, I’ll wave, I won’t misbehave
I’ll be too damn done to fight being a doll

You’re gonna burn all my books
You’re gonna toss out my wires
You’ll kiss my forehead
Your “love” will take me higher

Old friends’ll reach out
“He’s not good for your health!”
Oh, but you’ll dust me off, pretty me up
And set me on a shelf

But why do you
Make me feel blue
Why am I so fucking sad
No one’s ever forgiven me
After I was so bitter and mad
And I’m supposed to feel better
You’re gonna make me so glad
But why am I just looking to escape
Run and try to erase those faces
You show me in private places and chase…
That ache out of me that
Loves that you came back

But why did it have to be you that came back?

I take to the kitchen
Smoking a damn cigarette
Watching the smoke curl around the room
I pour a shot of Jack
You can bet
I don’t want you

You’re an ass