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Not Today

I swim forever in an ocean of tears

It is a sea of things lost, unmade

One day 

I hope to instead cry for the things I’ve gained

One day

But not today


Tomorrow For Sure

Broken down
To my components
Laid on the ground
Like your suitcase
I’m all strung out
You’re exposing
All the sounds
I am capable of making.

I just couldn’t see
you were hurting
“Why the hurry?
You know you make me worry?”

And I didn’t know
What even got through
When I shouted for you
When I loved after you.

I never saw it coming
Sideways lights
Lit up the night.
Story of my life
You left me questions
Half-made impressions
A dozen second guesses
I gotta clean up all your messes?!

And I want to lie to myself
To get outta this hell
You’ve left me with.

What am I supposed to think?
Give up all I know of love–
I built a world around you
And now it seems nothing…
Is as it seems.

made flesh”
I could weep.
You’ve already made me bleed
Your absence is like a knife
That just won’t stop cutting.

But who would I be
To just give in?
You told me I couldn’t love on a whim…
So I did.
And you can break my heart
But not my might!
And I’ve still got my pride
And I’ll still go and hope and fight the good fight
My god

Not tonight.

Hug Everything (and Make it Awkward)

I cut my teeth on Choose-your-own Adventure stories.
I always cheated.
My books filled with sticky notes and warnings.
“Turn back,” in an eleven-year-old scrawl,
“or you’ll go over a waterfall!”
I loved those dire consequences, but
I couldn’t bear an unhappy ending.
Those other tragic endings were meant for
kids that were resigned to failure–
children that give up on trying again.
My then-best friend only called me dishonest.
Maybe she wasn’t wrong.

I can’t accept hopelessness.
I’ve drug myself through fire storms
and come out bloodied and transformed
and have still managed to smile.
I have to. No one else will.

I am not my favorite person.
I want to rip apart the world.
I want to dissect beautiful, sad people.
I want to run my hand over the sky
and kiss all its intimate parts;
run my tongue against tree bark
and put my face into the fur of a dog.
I want to blow kisses at strangers
and help old ladies with their groceries.
I want to tell that kid sitting on the bench
that his mom will be right back.
I want to smile at bus drivers.

I need to run in a cold rain;
sleep naked under the stars.
I need to lay in the arms of some one
I don’t know very well… but should.
I need to tell my family that I love them every day.
I need to scream during lightning storms–
eat food that’s bad for me–
dream of things that will never exist.

I shiver in the dark.
I drink too much.
I don’t write enough.
I don’t post-it note everything anymore.
I don’t want to regret what I did for him.
I’m scared I’ll fall out of love with the world one day.
Everyone else seems to have fallen out…
So why haven’t I?

I love all these dire consequences.
Let some one in and they can destroy you.
Push too much and you can destroy someone else.
You can do your best and it can all amount to nothing.

You could fall in love.
You could find your purpose.
You could realize your dreams.
You could forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it.

I can’t bear the thought of an unhappy ending.
Those tragic endings are meant for
people that are content to be miserable…
But I have not given up
trying over and over again.
Neither should you.


Life is just peachy, isn’t it?
Not absolutely.
Sometimes it is hard.
Sometimes it is cruel.
Often it is unbearable.
The world spins behind your eyes.
Words get trapped in your dreams.
Your family, estranged.
The drink, enticing.
The cloak of dark, comforting.
But the world is not without its hopes.
The darkness exists to remind us:
Life is peachy
but even peaches have their pits.

For the Strong Ones Out There

Confession time.
I was wrong. I was prideful.
(You know me…)
Your words mirrored mine,
But I laughed and (It was relief, I promise!)
it sounded like
It was a gunshot, and I couldn’t
take back the mushroomed
So I smirked
and told you I’d be strong
for the both of us,
in a way.
(A joke!
We both know neither of us
have to be strong for the other.
Even weak,
we are both invincible
So while you confessed to me,
I wallowed in self-defeating
(So who’s really the stronger?)