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DTP 4: My First 29th Birthday

I thought all a night’s tender sighs
Were the lights going dim and dry
The way you tip a candle back
And the wick wets with it’s own wax

Dripping red onto the fancy carpet
You cut into my heart just to mark it
And when the bill came by our table
You looked at me and like in a fable
You asked through artery, “Got that?”
I tried to speak… but blood just spat
I love you,” you had said,
You’re All That Matters…
By the way,” you had said,
I’m screwing Nora Mathers.
Cheesecake with a pureed heart head
I glanced at the bill, the cake, the heart, then said:
“You couldn’t wait… ”
You blinked, confused
“… until after my birthday?”
You looked so confused
I suppose I shouldn’t’ve been surprised
The candle wasn’t tipped in another life
But now, the wax ran down, wet the wick
Our flame had guttered out all too quick
I knew then I was just another chore
I licked my lips and set down my fork
Like quiet, rolling thunder, I bid time
Then struck out lightning quick on the dime
Your cheek was as red as strawberry puree
Lip trembled, but I managed to state, “Pay.”
You reached in your pocket hammer space
Jesus,” you said, irate.
“Happy-freaking-Birthday, okay?”

Downtown Platinum (c)2017 Karin Mayville 
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