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DTP 2: True

To my best friend:
Come on, let’s run–
Trip drunk over dumb
Shit we call fun–
Paint these crooked walls
With what we used to call
Easy eggs, bacon, waffles.
We’ll talk about life
And all our strife.
The jokes cut like knives.
But isn’t it nice?
The funniest people I know
Leave room to grow
And hide more pain
Than they like to show.
The kindest people I love
When push comes to shove
Would tear apart the whole world
Just to prove they give a fuck.
My best friend, I’ll keep to you.
I know I jab and rip you through
But I hope it reminds you
No matter what the world tries to
Turn you into
I know you, above all people, are true.

Downtown Platinum (c)2017 Karin Mayville
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Bored Egg #3

Bored? Check out this short animated film! It’s still one of my all time favorites; a bittersweet tale about a girl and her dragon. It’s pretty good in German too.

Extra bored? Here’s where you can find another short animated film with a science-fiction spin. It’s a little more technical than “Sintel”, but it’s just as good.