Hi –

This is a nest for bored people to chill out in.

You’re welcome to tea and earthworms if ya like. Stay as long as you want. There’ll be plenty to occupy you.

– Your Resident Bloodjay

Throwback to 2014: I quit school and took up a profession that was destined to take me all around the world. I went from working 50hrs a week on nights while going to college full-time… to galavanting through the hearts of Japan, South Korea, and Germany–countries and peoples I could only have imagined before.

But I was still restless. I couldn’t sleep. I adapted well to my new job, but my spirit was nevertheless gaunt and weary. So I started this blog. I post late at night for the most part, usually just before the weekend when I’m the most atuned with the muse that keeps my scaly knees bouncing. 

Presently: I like poetry, but that wasn’t always my focus. My heart will always belong to prose. But prose is often more laborious to digest than poetry, so it’ll only be featured on the Nest in short bursts. Wouldn’t want to throw out one’s gizzard after all. I also like to post Bored Eggs every now and again–features that highlight artists, photographers, and directors alike. You’ll see more of those in the future, this bird is sure.

Ah! So why do I stay in a Bluejay’s Nest if I am a Bloodjay? Well, I’m just renting you see. One of these days I’ll have one of those fancy Unique URLs and perhaps I’ll call it The Bloodjay’s Nest, but for now you’ll have to excuse the hand-me-down-looking straw furniture and the navy tufts left behind by the previous tenant. 

All besides, it’s beginning to feel a bit like home… so I may just leave it as-is.


Lay an Egg

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