Put Your Head in the Sand

I was six years old
I remember when I said courage was saying, “Hey,”
Before something made somebody mark the earth

Foul on the play

Every time a new voice calls out, I’m the first to lose
Run girl run, Don’t look back, Hun
Everything lost to rum–‘r some kinda booze
“Foul on the play!”

“No excuse!”

Guess Church tied my hands together, bound
Like family, like blood, like red on the ground
Scatter, scatter, so just pound it out
Turn the other cheek
Get lost in the spell
Nah. Just pushing the world closer to Hell
‘Cause even if someone’s got something to say

“Shut up and color.”

“Flag on the Goddamned play!”

“Shoot the Ref!” They all seem to settle
Shh. Shh…

Just push this shit closer to Hell.


Lay an Egg

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