DTP 7: Jin, Circle Cannibal

Hello Heroes, dearly lauded.
Your narrow escapes should be applauded.
I know what this must look like
But I have the best intentions in mind
If you’ll permit me in kind…
“Caerwyn Jethro Adams”, my oh my–
Your name was too hard to come by.
Oh, but don’t look so surprised–
Killer The Gossip as much surmised,
And both of you are too easily recognised.
A dazzlingly dashing, disenfranchised beau
Balen Russell–or is it “Dante Castiago”?
And the factual, frank, feminine mystery
Caera Adams with, my… What a history.
How in the world did you two meet?
Both coveted, both unaware, both so…
Tantalizingly sweet.
Candidly, I have a proposition
To rectify your decidedly awkward position.
You join me, you’ll avoid any future fight.
Ha! That look of mistrust! Not to worry, loves.
I promise I won’t bite.

Downtown Platinum (c)2017 Karin Mayville 
Find out more at Downtown Platinum on Facebook.


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