Find it in Your Heart (We are Civilized After All)

Come rain–
Come frost–
A little late–
A little lost–

A little–How come the talking man
Can deliver all he’s not?
How come the quiet man
Can only listen for what he’s fought?

The times are civilized.
These times are civilized.
We’ve paid in blood what societies wrought.

How come the lying man
Gets more than what he’s earned?
How come the crying man
Can’t make money from what he’s learned?

Oh, but times are civilized.
Oh-woh, these times are civilized.

Come rain, come frost–
We’re a little wet now; a little lost.
Come fog and come fire–
We’re a little warm, but no more higher
Because these times are civilized.
We’re living it up.
These times are civilized.
And society is on the up-’n’-up.

Come rain, we will drown.
Come frost, we will cuddle.
Come fog, we will duck.
Come fire, we’ll huddle.

Because our lives are so civilized.
How we’re living, we’ve already realized…
We paid blood for what society’s done.


Lay an Egg

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