Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Noblest of Pursuits

When investing in anything worthwhile, dedicate time.

(Come a place to say so, the din of the world will surely drown it out.)

Life, while forward-leaning, wants to stop and drag the rest to a stuttering pause…

Or at least we assume it cares for lost time and prayers, devout.

But time apathetically trickles on and the droplets are brimstone streaks

And nothing pauses for us save our bated breath and a wish

On that falling star that promises nothing at all and everything.

Regardless–or “Ignorantly”–we muster on and invest our precious mortality

In that which we find worthy our dedication… the nobelest of those pursuits being love, obviously.


Thank You, Whatever Your Reservations

Up in arms they go, bold
To glorious worlds, so told
And come home dreary
With eyes cold and weary.

For fortunes they fought
And poetry they wrought
But chills they caught
And sympathy they got.

Love, some yearned.
Love, fewer earned.
Brothers, they had and lost
–Among the spurned cost.

Still, two or three days we laid rest
And tried to care for their quest.
They bare the price, not our state.
We sleep without contest and dream, so–too simply–