Monthly Archives: February 2016

“Someone’s Sounding Like a Spinster!”

Simple things; a simple life–
Something beyond now and “be might”.
Well, you finicky Jay! Decide!
“Be mine” to someone or “be left” behind!

This world is so against you–
You who wants romance and patience too!
Allot a “perfect” moment, quickly
Finicky Bird, the world is sickly.

This advice and nothing more?
I don’t wanna date, Sabe, mi amore.
I want to go out and passionately dance
And meet someone else by pure happenstance!

Oh, home-hum, Finicky Chum.
With that fem-neck-beard plum–
Riddle me this, my beautiful creature:
Do you really want a man or is love the real feature?

Oh! Well, you’ve caught me hand-in-jar
(Though, I never said I wasn’t ruled by my heart.)
I’m head-on-desk bewildered by my muse
And confronted by my peers’–Ahem–more “mature” aptitudes.

Wait. Wait. Wait.
This… is about you being thirsty,
But not wanting to date?

No… This is about being single on Valentine’s Day…

Oh… Well–

Nope! You’ve ruined it, Sabe.