Monthly Archives: February 2015

What You Didn’t Say to Me

I don’t love you anymore.
I don’t know if I ever did.
In romance I’ve grown poor.
I know the warmth won’t come again.

Stars don’t wink behind your eyes.
The wind doesn’t sing of amore.
Cold saps my heart each bitter night
And I don’t love you anymore.

Those “little things” are now trying.
Your face fills me with guilt.
I know you’re slowly dying; denying
Even as hope flees this brittle life we’ve built.

I’ve retreated into myself forever.
It’s safer here, I’m sure.
You said things could only get better
But I just can’t love you anymore!

I don’t know what to do, alone,
But I’ll go crazy if I keep doing this!
For my apathy, I can never atone
But I don’t care if you hate me for it!

You’re too kind and too beautiful–
After all, you were my paramour–
But I can’t be what I think you deserve.
I shouldn’t love you anymore.



Life is just peachy, isn’t it?
Not absolutely.
Sometimes it is hard.
Sometimes it is cruel.
Often it is unbearable.
The world spins behind your eyes.
Words get trapped in your dreams.
Your family, estranged.
The drink, enticing.
The cloak of dark, comforting.
But the world is not without its hopes.
The darkness exists to remind us:
Life is peachy
but even peaches have their pits.

Please come to bed – I’m tired

You know I didn’t mean that.
Come’ere and turn off the light…
If it’s not about before, what?
Hey, it’s all over now, see?
Pull the covers and hop in…
It’ll all fade away ’till morning.

Worlds still whirling inside you?
Want the lamp on then?
I don’t mind, I’m tired.
Sometimes I like it lit.
I can imagine a sunset.

What are you thinking?
You’ve a frowny face.
That’s my best impersonation!
Shh! Sleep, don’t laugh…!

Are you… awake?
Dreaming… of you.
Maybe I can…

I’m… tired.
Stay… here….