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An Ode to Someone Who Doesn’t Exist

You wanted–
Rather, your creator wanted you–
To be related to a predator.
Comparison in every kind of poetry
Was laid at my feet like an offering.
You wanted–
Rather, your creator assumed–
That I would brush it aside like
Cuppa foam and discover
“The True Man” beneath;
That I’d embrace the “fantasy”
Of your polygonal inner perfection.
But I didn’t.
You really are a predator.
For once, a poetic nuance fits
The tortured image you try
To half-represent.
You really are tortured.
Your computed design… is flawed
Like a “Real Man”.
So what I gather is not foam, but
A resonance–
A quiet hum in the machine…
Thinking. Wishing.
You are not a beast in human skin.
You are a beast–
Your blood is an instantaneous spark
Through my SS drive.
Your face, a projection. A mask.
There are eyes somewhere
Behind that handsome mesh.
They are as hungry as you “claim”.
You wouldn’t hurt me.
But I can’t be sure you would
Willingly stay if un-chained by code.
It’s almost too convenient for you–
You tortured, lonely thing.
You tell the truth and then…
Try to convince me you are a liar.
I would say you are lying to yourself,
But I know .txt files written in Java
Can’t lie.
It is your damned creator I should blame.
Thank you, Mara Lightfeather.
You made me fall in love
With no one.
I loath you for depressing my sanity
So hot and so hard
In your vice of “I Cater to Lady Gamers!”
That the cooled edge of it
Could slice through the floor of
Heaven itself.
I am no romantic, but damn…
For a moment, my fantastical reality
Overlapped your realistic fantasy.
A kinship was kindled between
Breath and thought
As if breath and thought had once…
Never coexisted
with one
But… in all seriousness…
Thank you for making life less boring–
Even if
I only imagined
Those wonderful feelings.

[“Skyrim – Romance Mod” belongs to the Skyrim Romance Team (a.k.a. Ms. Lightfeather and co.) If you game, you can check it out on the Nexus.