Magic must be real
Because this certainly never was
Apathy for all three meals
Because food has turned to dust

How did you get there?
What made you make up tales?
Suddenly I have no words to spare
While you get rid of yours in a fire-sale

My own paranoia turned on me
I feel the slick blood before the knife
Wish ex-es never happened, you see
Only wanted one person my whole life

“How could you? After all I’ve done!”
I wish there was something to say
You just wanted more, more reasons
To punish me and push me away

You’ll never believe my words
My “track record” was never cleansed
But You didn’t put merit in rumors…
What changed your heart in the end?

But for my own sake…
I’ll admit the truth:
From the forbidden cup, I never drank
The only one I ever loved was you.


Lay an Egg

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