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The Gang

Crazy how we covet friendship
And how it sometimes falls in your lap
You’re just a reoccurring face
Then suddenly, you’re banged on the back
Told secrets no one should know
Obligated to share something of your own
You could have been a “presence” for years
Then everyone wonders where you’ve been
It is often suspiciously subtle
That you can’t help but remain wary
Until one or two intimate encounters
Prove a group’s legitimacy
It could be a simple “hello” that binds you
A kind smile that stills your mind
Overheard jokes that prompt you to laugh
Or an equally unknown, familiar face
You’re all draw together from then on
For no other reason than to be together
For no other reason than to share Life
And to live it too


And You’re Too Late

Some illustration work. Done with vermillion-red, emerald, and sepia; ink-and-ye-olde-quill.
Character used with permission.

Mordikai Garaile (Quilan) – “And You’re Too Late”

Don’t Blame Me for Being Nice

Stand tall.
It’s your fault.
Don’t blame me
For pulling my punches
Even when I talk.
You asked me not so long ago
“What do I do? Where can I go?”
You didn’t want it straight.
You wanted things shaken
Stirred and curved to your nerves.
What did you expect?
I even warned you where I stood:
“I can pull my punches, darling,
“But it won’t do you no good.”
“Could it get any worse?!
“You sold me those words!”
Sweetie, I told you to stand tall
Because it’s only your fault.
I warned you from the top:
I’m good at pulling my punches
Even when I talk.
Now I know,
You’re in a bad place.
How could I give you what you want
In such bad taste?
There is a lesson here that
We all must learn:
True wisdom can’t be given
It can only be earned.
It’s what you heard–
I told you from the start–
You should be smart enough
Not to be dragged around by your heart.
It’s what I said, Darling–
It’s something you can’t knock–
I told you I pull my punches, Honey…
And I hold back even when I talk.

Car Bombs (A Disapproving Nod to Kevin Hearne)

Holy beef.
I don’t care
what Atticus’ fictitious
account may reveal.
Urban Jesus Christ,
Prince of Peace,
would NOT
have been slamming back
Irish car bombs
after Guinness
and after a shot of Jesus-
class-A whiskey.
He’s a metropolitan
gin-and-tonic man
for certain.
End beef.

(Atticus and Urban Jesus belong to Kevin Hearne. I only wish I had created them for The Iron Druid Chronicles [which is also not mine, unfortunately.])

Elder Rune Archetypes Realized

… Perhaps not realized to their fullest extent, but realized in less than two grams apiece all the same.

More practice with Fimo clay has me delving into old projects, like rune-making. But I wanted something more intimate than my “found object” route. Instead of finding, painting, and affixing rocks and sanded glass together to make them, I decided to instead make my own from scratch–solely inspired by Elder Rune characters (or archetypes, depending on who you ask.)

Here are some of my favorites to come out of the 24 character batch. Each are less than an inch square and use the same amount of Fimo clay (1.77 grams or one-sixteenth-of-an-ounce.)

“Need” – patience, omens, stress OR possessiveness, misleading

“Arrow” – warrior, intrigue, justice OR skewed motives, listless

“Dice” – destiny, mystery, sexuality OR revealed secrets, disloyalty

“Gift” – partners, love, divine union OR emotional problems

“Horse” – progress, future changes, movement OR long journeys, sudden change

“Elk” – friendship, aspiration, soul OR used by others, vulnerable

Here’s all twenty-four grouped in sixes just so I could zoom in for some manner of detail. If you have questions about any of them (what they are, what they represent, why I should chose one shape over another for certain ambiguous ones, etc.), please don’t hesitate to comment!





*Please let me know if any description of a rune is incorrect or misconstrued. I check my source information with two to three others, but you never know what could fall through the cracks in the Fimo.

**For those unfamiliar with Elder Runes, runic alphabets, or the practice of divination with runes… I can’t really give you a truly reliable source, because much of what is known/practiced is pretty much made up or steeped in mythos and botched “research”. Personally, I suggest Wikipedia (it’s about as credible as anything you’ll happen upon.)

***So many words! I only meant to showcase pictures! Forgive me! Is a cat tax required in this instance? Perhaps that is only an Imgurian practice?


The Feather curled around the drifts
And The Hanging Man swayed.
The Snake and Want coiled like lovers
And The World’s relief displayed.
Time is frozen in epoxy
And the weight of it bulges, strains.
“Ideas” burrow into the hearts of men
To this day; still causing great pains.

[“Divination”; silver and black Fimo clay]