Guilty Guilt Guilting

brought on by ignorance,
more than association–
can be such an easy thing to slip into
and tame.
“Unbeknownst to you?
“You must think this a game!”
Snivel and grovel and shield your good name–
In the end, to them, you’ll have nothing to say.
You could shoulder on;
rebuild for your own sake.
But Guilt, even mislaid, is an easy thing to bed down with–
and easier still to blame.
It is more comfortable to shoulder the load yourself
than seek the true at-fault out.
And your efforts invested in Guilt
are more easily displayed without.
You sure do look piteous,
but once your bruised reputation fades,
you can call on your pride to showcase your “reverently accepted” shame.
Stealing Guilt, your image having been maimed,
let’s you lie with the broken same;
employing their token empathy only when it suits your gain.
Isn’t that insane?
To take reprimand for another
as to appear only visible,
even for a brief moment of fake tears spilt,
and in every eye, except God’s,
appear martyred by profound


Lay an Egg

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