Drunken Notes – Notes Made While Drunk

Whenever I have an idea or a resounding sentence pop into my head while in a not-so-sober state, I write it down for my clear-headed self to act upon later. For the most part, as is to be expected, these affirmations and thoughts are unusable or too specific to be utilized in poetry or writing.

But I can’t bring myself to throw them away, because while in my state of semi-lucidity, I am without the abstract bounds of social expectations and so what comes out is unhindered by dogma or fear of negative reaction. It is raw. Sometimes the thoughts written down are reprehensible. Sometimes they are noble. And sometimes they are absolutely ridiculous. They are flawed and contradictory. They’re human.

I need some music to make me feel alive again.

I am THIS close to making us characters in one of my stories just so we can be together!

My life has become significantly easier to deal with.

People say the greatest fear is dying alone, but I don’t care anymore because that I don’t know.

I meant the world? Did you mean those words?

I don’t know how I’ve survived this long being as bad at simple math as I am.

My glass is sweating.

I can’t believe that taking a hardcore dumb is not considered an ab workout. I want to form a board. This needs to be addressed.

Looked at the empty bottle of Bailey’s and could only feel angry at the bottle for being so damn empty.

My getting away with being such a useless sack of shit at work is unacceptable.

I need another beer. Then everything would be clear. I would feel like you were near. [Couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed with near, so] I need another beer.

Making out: fencing for your tongue.

Just realized Sam Worthington looks very similar to my boy friend. Sam is so damn lucky.

Saying, “I love you,” sounds really drunk even when you’re drunk.

I still have hope for humanity. We’re like evolution’s underdog story. “Fuck up, then nut-up.” Full circle, baby. It’s gonna happen.

I wish cheese wasn’t so cheesy sometimes.

I don’t like green eggs or green ham.

I wish I could get over the death of Princess Diana. I wasn’t even born yet when it all went down and I still miss her.

I’m a great catch, minus all the bad stuff that makes me wholly unattractive.

I wish I didn’t like MREs so much.

I haven’t taken credit for half of the brilliant things I have written.


Lay an Egg

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