Where I Am

Hits this Bloodjay right in the feel feathers, it does.


Trade one fool for another? I shake my head. This time, I’m the fool it seems.
His insistence consumes me and Fuels my nearly overwhelming passion.
I want to become those words.
Those sweet nothings mean everything to me
And without them I feel holey.
I was once like that But it was a lie!
Now I act in my true character And I’ve fulfilled what I wanted of myself?
Years agonizing over it And I found what I was looking for
Without even searching?!
I throw back my head and Scream at the immovable sky: WHERE HAS HE BEEN ALL THIS TIME?!
All this time…
I wrote lists Lists describing him. Wishing desperately and knowing
Desperately That nobody so fit for me could possibly exist…
I want to undo everything I’ve done All the promises I made in the past. Mend all the…

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Lay an Egg

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